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"Man of the Steel", a story of the birth of a new "Superman" drawn by Director Zach Snyder of "300 [Three Hundred]" produced by Christopher Nolan of the "Dark Knight" series, will be on December 9th Saturday) It will be on air at "Saturday Premium" tonight.

Amekomi hero Superman who was born in 1938 was later made into animation and live action, and in particular the series played by Christopher Leave was released from 1978 to 1984, and each of them was a worldwide hit.

And in 2013, a new superman who redesigned the image so far rebooted. This will be the beginning of that.

From a young age, a boy with superhuman power, Clark Kent spent a lonely boyhood sealed its special power with the promise of his parents, but the father of the deceased trying to protect Clark "finds the mission It is guided by the teaching of "ろ", goes on a wandering trip, finally knowing the truth of one's own. In the planet Krypton on the verge of explosion, the real father, Joe-el, sent him to the earth who was just born. Clark conflicts with his true identity.

Meanwhile, General Zod, who had been questioned for causing a coup d'etat in the krypton star, who had been occupied by the prison of the universe for many years knew that Karl el Clark Kent was lurking on the earth and came to the earth. The battle that betting the existence of humanity starts here -!

Henry Cavill, who was in the audition for James Bond of the "007" series as a new Clark Kent role, with Daniel Craig and Sam Worthington until the final test.

Also, Kent 's "father" on Earth is Kevin Costner such as "Dance With Wurves" "Body Guard". Russell Crowe of "Gladiator" and "The Mommy / The Cursed Desert Princess" to Joe = El. In addition, Amy Adams, Laurence Fishburne, Michael Shannon and gorgeous cast members gathered.

The work "Justice League" which shared the world view which becomes the "sequel" of this work is also now on sale big hit.

Saturday premium 'Man of Steel' is on air on Fuji TV series on Saturday, December 9 (Sat) 21:30. ※ When you extend "East Asia E-1 Football Championship Japan Representatives × North Korea", there may be times when the broadcasting time is lowered.


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