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K-Pop Korean Boy Bands Most Popular

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K-Pop Korean Boy Bands

Top 10 Most Popular Korean KPOP Boy Groups in 2015


10. VIXX

10. VIXX
Debuted in 2012, VIXX has become a very popular Kpop boy band group these days after being signed under the management of Jellyfish Entertainment. The team has actually been formed after the final competition in the reality show “MYDOL”, and for now, there are 6 members in the team including Ken, Leo, N, Ravy, Hongbin and Hyuk. The first album that has brought them to shine brightly in the Kpop world is “Super Hero”, released in May 2012. Amazingly, they have gained a very good support and popularity soon after that. And, then, their second, third and fourth album has been out, respectively to have gained them such the fame they possess now.

9. GOT7

9. GOT7
Instead, GOT7 is a newly-formed Kpop boy groups, and they appeared only in 2014 under the management of JYP Entertainment. As they could manage to be in this most popular kpop boy group list within such a short time, you can guess how talented they are for the Kpop. With 7 members of the group including JB, Jr., Mark, Youngjae, Jackson and Yugyeom, the GOT7 seems to have a perfect combination of necessary talents to be the idol. Besides singing, they can dance very well, and this has brought them more and more fan each day. The first ever debut they made was in 2014 is “Got it?”, and 5 months later, “Love It” appeared as their second mini album.


8. Winner
In terms of the way how Winner has earned popularity, it proves that they have incredible talent and deserve every piece of achievement they have got. Winner is actually the finalist, successful last contested team by the public vote in the reality show called “Who Is Next? And, it then was formed to be WINNER by the YG Entertainment. This is the second Kpop boy group from YG Entertainment only after Big Bang within the last 8 years. For now, Winner has 5 members, and they are Kang Seung-yoon, Song Min-ho, Kim Jinwoo, Nam Taehyun, and Lee Seunghoon. As their start, they debuted their album in 2014 in Korea and Japan with the same year a few months after another.

7. B.A.P

7. B.A.P
Within the last few years, BAP has also done an incredible job to entertain their fans. As a result, it has collected a huge popularity from especially their young audience. B.A.P is actually a South Korean hip-hop group, formed by the TS Entertainment in 2011. “Warrior” is their first debut which was released in Feb 2012. Interestingly, about a year later in Feb 2013, B.A.P had also made its debut in Japan with hope that they will also gain a good support in the Japanese market, and they seemed to have done it very well. Within the same year, the group did release its “Warrior” in Japanese language. The last full-length album they have made is the “First Sensibility”.

6. Infinite

6 Infinite
Based in South Korea and comprised of 7 members, if you are a fan of the Korean Kpop world, you would doubtlessly know the Infinite band. They were formed by the Woollim Entertainment in 2010. Remarkably in 2013, the fame of the Infinite had gone to the peak with its mini album “The Challenge”. With over 160 000 copies of that mini albums sold, it became the best selling album in 2013. This amazing achievement has brought the team popularity to another level, and they keep shining gorgeously to the public after that. In 2014, another very popular album from them was released, and it is the “Season 2”.


Standing for Tong Vfang Xien Qi, TVXQ is one of the great South Korean Kpop boy band group which consists of only two members, Y-Know Yunho and Max Changmin. Though having only two members, they have managed to perform and sing quite well whenever they are on the stage, and their huge popularity comes accordingly. Also known as DBSK, TVXQ was formed and managed by the S.M. Entertainment, and its name was translated into “ Rising Gods of the East” TVXO is one of the very old Korean Kpop boy band groups, and their first best selling album was the “O”- Jung.Ban.Hap, and it has happened since 2006 as well as won the Golden Disk Award for Album of the Year. Up until now, the group has stilled shined brightly to the public.

4. Beast

4. Beast
Created by Cube Entertainment in 2009, the South Korean Kpop boy band group Beast has often appeared in the list of the most popular groups of the year. This is undoubtedly undeniable, and it is because their real amazing talent that has brought them to such a fame. To date, two full-length albums and 7 mini albums have been released from the team, and each one of them have returned the group with a huge amount of support and fans. At the same time, Beast has also won a few big awards including the Bunsang Award in 2011 and 20012 consecutively as well as the Melon Music Award. In short, this group is extremely awesome and talented.

3. Big Bang

3 Big Bang
Big Bang has appeared almost 10 years up to now under the formation by the YG Entertainment. Along all those years, they have made many incredible achievement before they could manage to stand among the top Korean Kpop boy band as so. They debuted their first album in 2006, and their fame has risen sharply up with their hit “Lies”. Around 2007 and 2008, the group did make the debut as well in Japan on purpose to conquer more of the Japanese entertainment industry market. And, they did it very well. Throughout those years in their careers, they have also awarded many awards such as the Artist of the Year Award in 2008 and the Best World Wide Act in 2011. In early 2013, Big Bang had also had their first World Tour, and it was another big success for the team.

2. Super Junior

2. Super Junior
Either locally or internationally, Super Junior is super awesome. They often work the hardest to bring up the most amazing and exciting performance on the stage for their audience. In fact, the team was formed by the S.M. Entertainment under the management of the Lee Soon-man who is a well-know producer from the company. Briefly talking about their big turning points in their career, one of the biggest hits they made was in 2009 with their album “Sorry, Sorry” This album was their first best selling single, and it brought in a huge support and recognition to the group. Additionally, the team has also won many awards such as the Golden Disk Award, MTV Asia Awards, and the MTV Europe Music Award.

1. Exo

1. EXO
Amazingly superior, it is going to be the Exo. Last year in 2014, Exo was the most popular Korean Kpop boy group at all, and Exo could still stay over the top in this 2015. Exo is actually a combination of Chinese and South Korean group, and it was created in 2011 by S. M. Entertainment. But, because they have perfect talent in singing, dancing and performing, their fame has dramatically risen to the top within just a few years, and meanwhile, they have got given many awards including Godlen Disk Award and Mnet Asian Award. Exp is surely to have an even more wonderful excitement for their audience. We will wait and see what is next from the Exo and wait to see if it is still the number 1 most popular group for next year.


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